UPDATED: Russian state cultural policy is to reject multiculturalism and tolerance as ”nontraditional” values

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On April, 3 contents of the new “Fundamentals of the state cultural policy” developed by the Russian Ministry of Culture were announced in Russian media. Drafters believe that the basis of cultural policy should be based on the “Russia is not Europe” statement. They also call to abandon the principles of multiculturalism and tolerance , and all projects that are not consistent with the traditional values should be deprived of state support.

“Russia should be considered as a unique and distinctive civilization, which can not be reduced either to “the West” or to “the East”. Brief statement of this position is the thesis “Russia is not Europe”, confirmed by the whole history of the country and its people”, Infobox reports, quoting Interfax news agency.

“It seems appropriate to include in the document the thesis of renouncing the principles of multiculturalism and tolerance. Preserving a single cultural code requires rejection of state support for cultural projects which impose alien to ​​society values,” the document says.

“Any reference to “creative freedom”and “national identity” can not justify behavior which is considered unacceptable from the standpoint of traditional Russian values. This is not meant to limit the freedom of expression and the rights of citizens, but requires denial of state support for people and communities, demonstrating behaviour contrary to the cultural norms”, the drafters write.

Alien values​​, according to the authors of the document, lead to “mental distress, which is manifested through an increase in crimes, alcoholism, drug addiction, through the increase in the number of suicides and abandoned children, through increased morbidity and mortality”.

The draft also says that representatives of contemporary art, whose work contradict the traditional values​, can not count on state support. Projects should be selected in conjunction with the expert community, the drafters believe. “As a minimum, such art should not receive government support. As a maximum, the state should prevent [its] negative impact on public consciousness”, the text says.

In general, it is proposed to develop the cultural policy based on “civilization” principle, which the authors believe to be the opposite of the “liberal pro-Western” approach which supposedly idealizes Western path of development.

The document was signed by First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Aristarkhov and submitted for consideration to the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation . The project will also be presented to the public later in April.

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UPDATED APRIL 13, 2014: Full text of the draft is officially published here (in Russian).

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  • csno1

    Thank God someone is rejecting the totalitarian, reductionist ideology of liberal multiculturalism.

    • F. Pelayo

      Figures that a xenophobic, right-wing nut would like what they’re doing, 😛

      • csno1

        Figures that an anti-white, genocidal maniac would support the current ideology.

        • cajaquarius

          Anti-white? Another antisemitic Neo-Nazi supporter of a genocide in the making. Then again, genocide is a big part of white culture so at least you are consistent in your Right Wing Authoritarian Follower stupidity.

          We may not reach you but we will reach your kids and grandkids, eventually. The swaztika is done. No future on your side. Just a matter if time now. Tick tick tick…

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  • cajaquarius

    First they came for the gays…

    We all know where this sort of rhetoric ends. Say hello to the “bad guys” of World War III folks. Hopefully, we can win the war using cultural subterfuge by reaching their kids with the truth before it comes to violence.

    • csno1

      First they come for family, then the heterosexuals, then the whites. We know where this is going folks.

      • cajaquarius

        It bugs you, doesn’t it? Knowing there is nothing you can do to put us back in the closet. Knowing that your kids are beginning to view us as normal and acceptable and coming around to our side. Watching as they become smart enough to put aside your flaccid traditions and condemn them to the reliquary of the past.

        Heck, even if you guys manage to reverse it and make us illegal, we will just operate in the shadows just as we always have. Playing the part of just another “white ally” up until we can slip that knife into your back at the crucial moment. It must be terrifying, being erased. I pity you, in a way. You brought this fate on yourselves in the end, though.

        • csno1

          I and all those evil white children coerced you into being a supporter of genocide, did we. Instead of using silly childish arguments to justify your views, perhaps you should just admit what you really are: a supporter of white genocide irrespective of any point.

      • Kelly Susat

        oh god eterosexuals are a large majority of the population, no one comes for them, gay people just want to be free to express love, as anyone else is. They are people too and deserve rights as we do. They do not betray family in any way. People seem to think that giving rights to gays would harm heterosexuals and that’s so idiotic. Don’t like gay marriage?Don’t get one then. No one want will come for the whites either, and, as a matter of fact white people are a minority in the world and have allways been, so if taht’s what you fear, sorry for you. I think we all should be treated equally and support people right to express themselves freely