BREAKING NEWS: Moscow’s largest gay nightclub shut down

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The Central Station gay nightclub in Moscow is reportedly shut down, after experiencing a series of attacks last year. The landlord claims the club is vacating the premises due to the Moscow Arbitration Court’s resolution.

Representatives of the landlord company OAO “Moskovskaya tipographia “Transpechat” have announced that the club is closed down, according to The Village report. Moscow Arbitration Court has issued a resolution demanding the club to vacate the premises.

In November, 2013 the club CEO Andrei Lischinsky accused the landlord company of an attempt to force the club out of the building despite the agreement under which the Central Station may occupy the premises until 2017. The club has survived several attempts of raider attacks and shootings. “The purpose of all these actions is to intimidate the Central Station clientele. This can be called both raiding and extremism”, said Andrei Lischinsky then.

Earlier this January Lischinsky wrote on his personal Vkontakte page:

I am resigning from my job as CEO of the Central Station club on February 1, 2014. Tired of fighting with the “windmills”. It has been 3 years of unforgettable work in the biggest gay club in the country, a lot has been passed through: the attack of the local prosecutor’s office, and burning my car down , and the fight against the raiders… It was one of the most interesting experiences of my work in the best club in its [market] segment.

The club’s co-owner Ilja Abaturov have confirmed the closure to Afisha Gorod. However the club’s CEO Vladimir Gorbunov refused to provide further details.

The club’s official website does not contain any announcements of either closure or upcoming events.

The Central Station club was opened in 1997 and has been changing its location since then. During the last year the club’s parties were often moved to another venue due to problems with the landlord.

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