Anti-Western, homophobic Russian state TV CEO spotted in Amsterdam, world’s gay capital

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Prominent Russian TV personality Dmitry Kiselev, known internationally by his radical gay-hating and anti-Western remarks, has chosen the city of  Amsterdam, the world’s ‘gay capital’,  as a holiday destination for his family and underage children. Kiselev is a newly appointed Russia Today state sponsored news agency CEO.

Kiselev was spotted in Amsterdam by a Russian tourist who immediately reported it on her Twitter. “You know who we met in the center of Amsterdam? Dmitry Kiselev. Apparently [he is] collecting  ideas for programs on the rotten West!”, the girl writes, referring to  anti-Western tirades journalist uses in his regular newscasts, NewsRu reports.

Kiselev stirred controversy in April, 2012 when during his TV show he said that imposing fines on gays for homosexual propaganda is not enough, and that they should be “banned from donating blood, sperm, and their hearts should be buried or burned in case of a car crush as unsuitable for prolonging someone’s life”.

The news on Kiselev in Amsterdam was ridiculed widely on the Russian Internet. Georgiy Alburov, the Fund against Corruption staff member, comments in his  Twitter: “Brilliant. During breaks between [telling] stories about rotten homofascist Europe Dmitry Kiselev rides a boat with his family in Amsterdam.”

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  • Craig Umniy

    Missed him on his Vesti-Nedeli weekly program tonight on RTR TV. Had the popcorn and vodka ready but he was a no-show. Must be still getting into the culture in NL, or the culture getting into him…