Moscow police detained armed attackers at March 8 feminist rally

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On March 8, LGBT activists took part in a feminist rally dedicated to the International Women’s Day held in Moscow. The rally was attacked by a number of thugs armed with knifes and addle eggs.

LGBT activists Igor Iasine, Nikolay Bayev, Evgeniy Pisemsky, several members of the Moscow Rainbow Association and other participants of the sanctioned rally held rainbow flags and placards against homophobia and sexism.

Police detained armed thugs who made several attacks on the rally participants with rainbow flags. Attackers has knifes, a crowbar and a machete, they threw addle eggs at protesters and tried to burn a placard saying “No church, no kitchen, no state!”.

The rally was held in Moscow from Samotechnaya Square to Suvorov Square and drew about a hundred participants. The rally was held under slogans for women’s rights, anti-discrimination, against domestic violence, for reproductive freedom.

However, shortly after the rally started, the police demanded participants to take the rainbow flags away. But placards with slogans against homophobia were allowed to remain, reports.

Police detained about a dozen attackers. One assailant dressed as a janitor had a crowbar and a machete hidden under his clothes. After the rally was finished, the police guarded the participants while they went to the subway station.

Video: link 

Photos by Ksenia Zhivago and Evgeniy Pisemsky

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