LGBT youth support group founder not guilty of promoting homosexuality, court says

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On February 21, Dzerzhinsky district court of Nizhny Tagil passed a judgement to terminate the case brought up against journalist  Lena Klimova who was accused of gay propaganda to minors over the internet.

Elena said that she is “very happy about that, and grateful to Maria [Kozlovskaya, her lawyer] for her work. Its so good that sometimes common sense wins.”

Maria Kozlovskaya said: “We looked for such decision and believe that it proves the incapacity and groundlessness of the so-called law about “propaganda of homosexuality”. This law contradicts to some Russia’s international obligations and, as it was proved by the decision of the UN Human Rights Committee, consolidates discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and violates the freedom of speech”, Russian LGBT Network reports.

Expert witness Dmitry Vinokurov, highest degree medical psychotherapist, confirmed that publications of the “Deti 404″ group do not contain information that promotes “non-traditional sexual relations”. Moreover, Vinokurov stressed that the group helps teenagers to come to terms with their sexuality.

Lena Klimova created the “Children 404″ group in March, 2013 . The project emerged as a result of Lena’s publications on the problems of LGBT adolescents, after which she began to recieve a lot of letters from these teens. The social network group publishes letters of teens in which they share their personal stories, sometimes very sad and bitter, talk about their problems, harassment by peers and parents misunderstanding what they have had to endure. At the moment the project page has over a thousand letters published.

On January 31, founder and leader of the Russian LGBT teens support group “Children 404″, journalist Lena Klimova from Nizhnij Tagil was sued for violation of the gay propaganda ban law.  The case was brought up by request of St. Petersburg MP Vitaly Milonov. He announced that he is going to appeal the court resolution.

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