UPDATED: LGBT activists detained at Red Square, Moscow

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On February 7, ten LGBT activists were arrested by police at Red Square, Moscow, minutes after trying to sing Russian National Anthem and wave rainbow and Russian flags.

The detainees are Elena Kostyuchenko, Anna Annenkova, Reyda Linn, Nix Nemeni, Olga Mazurova, Gleb Latnik, Daria Polyakova, Daria Starshinina, and also two Sweden citizens:  Ulrika Westerlund and Kerstin Burman (RFSL). They are all transported to  OVD “Kitai-gorod”,  Grani.ru info reports.

Photo by Yuri Timofeev / Grani.ru

UPDATE: All detainees were released, some of them were charged with violation of Article 20.2.2 “Organizing or conducting a public event without filing a notification in accordance with established procedure”, facing fine up to $860.

Elena Kostyuchenko on her Facebook page reports that “During the four hours of detention  Reyda Linn and Nix Nemeni were handcuffed and kicked by policemen, Gleb Latnik was  punched and his hair was pulled, Ginger was choked by gripping. I got off easy enough – at first I was offered “to suck their bolts” and then they spitted in my face. Well, yes, “burn you all”, we heard that also. All the policemen had no badges. They were having fun. Our phones were taken from us. They were sitting watching photos, reading SMS messages. Out defender , MP Ponomarev’s assistant, was not allowed to see us. Then I was just thrown out of the police station, no protocol, nothing. Those who did receive the protocol, were charged with  “singing a song to the tune of the anthem of the Russian Federation with the warped words.”

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