BREAKING NEWS: Okhlobystin quits Euroset

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In his twitter Euroset creative director Ivan Okhlobystin announced he quits the company. Okhlobystin’s homophobic remarks he made in December, 2013 stirred controversy in Russia and abroad.

Okhlobystin wrote:

Given the incessant threats, provocations and insults from sodomites towards my friends, associates and their families, I have insisted on my dismissal from the job of “Euroset” creative director. People close to me do not have to suffer from my public stance which I will never give up. Sodom and Gomorrah must be destroyed!

The original message available here.

Euroset boycott was announced earlier this week by the Russian Internet expert Anton Nosik, “Ekho Moskvy” radio chief editor Alexeyev Venediktov and Russian journalist and socialite Xenia Sobchak, actor Alexey Devotchenko.

After Okhlobystin sent an open letter to Putin on Russian Orthodox Christmas Day asking him to bring back criminal article punishing homosexuality, he was supported by the Russian Orthodox Church officials like Vsevolod Chaplin and also by Vitaly Milonov, St. Petersburg MP, author of the gay propaganda ban law.

Earlier this month Euroset CEO Alexander Malis refused to fire Okhlobystin while over 20 Russian and foreign organizations urged Apple to reconsider its business relationships with Euroset. Activists have not recieved a reply neither from Apple, nor Tim Cook yet.

Official Euroset account on VKontakte social network cites Malis’ statement on Okhlobystin’s resignation:

We regret to inform that Ivan Ohlobystin took an unyielding decision to leave the job of the “Euroset” creative director in order to engage in public activities. We understand and respect his stance. In addition, Ivan will receive a special dismissal pay for his contribution to the development of “Euroset”. We wish Ivan you luck and success in his work.

Russian LGBT activist Viatcheslav Revin provided Queerussia with his comment addressing Okhlobystin’s dismissal:

The fact that  Euroset CEO regrets Okhlobystin’s resignation, in my opinion, tells us that we have chosen the right strategy, and our appeal to Apple was right. This regret and a “special pay” for social activities, apparently to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, only shows that director Malis fully shares Ohlobystin’s beliefs.

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  • Derek Williams

    This disgraceful person was calling for me to burned alive in an oven, even worse than happened to Jews in the Nazi Holocaust. He has no place in children’s entertainment and it is outrageous not only that his company is backing his genocidal comments, but the Russian audiences are applauding them.

  • rextrek

    I hope Ivan Okhlobystin dies from a SLOW and Painful disease!!!!

  • Cliona Buckley

    I find it very hard to believe what is happening in Russia today, Febuary 2014 ! It almost feels like being back in the middle ages when ignorance and cruelty were the order of the land. Who is responsible for this unChristian , indeed inhumaine treatment of people who have committed no crime other than being gay. I am not gay but I stand up for freedom of the individual which has been hard won in Russia, unfortunately it looks like the days of Stalin and the gulags are not yet over.