Antigay social network group offers money for delating Russian LGBT schoolteachers

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A new St. Petersburg based antigay group emerged on a popular Russian social network Vkontakte has launched an on-line campaign offering an equivalent of $150 for reporting “confirmed” information on LGBT schoolteahers. The group aims to stop “gay propaganda to minors” in schools and dismiss gay teachers with the help of local authorities.

The announcement published on the group’s page Vkontakte urges people to collect and send in any public information about LGBT teachers who are, “explicitly or implicitly”, open about their own sexual orientation on the internet and to their schoolchildren.  The group refuses to accept any rumors or slander and stresses that the information must be available in the open sources so that the group’s activity does not violate the Russian law on collecting personal data without a person’s consent. The announcement claims that such open information can be “threatening to psyche and mind of children who may be around such people”.

The group claims to have connections with the Russian authorities in order to perform dismissals “without any bullying, homophobia or calls to violence”, but still enforcing the “gay propaganda to minors ban law”.

The group calls to have “common sense and protect morality of underage children” and promises to send money to informers in 2-3 weeks once the information sent is “confirmed”.

An update published on December, 5 claims that during the first 24 hours of operation the group recieved six “worthwhile” reports on LGBT teachers.

The group contacts listed include a phone number (+7 (952) 384-04-43), an email address ( and a Vkontake profile page link ( One of the group moderators, Dmitry Deineko, is under trial for assaulting St. Petersburg LGBT activists in June, 2013. In a video published in the group Deineko says that “gay should be killed as rats and insects which spread infection”.

The moderators are the same people who have launched a campaign against LGBT-friendly schoolteacher Ekaterina Bogach, however the campaign itself did not successed in any way.

UPDATED December, 20: Vkontakte closed the group due to “calls to violence”.

Picture from the Vkontakte group

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  • Guest

    Welcome to Nazi Russia. Expect the concentration camps and dead bodies shortly. This is how it starts. The IOC and greedy companies are complicit in this Nazi behavior in Russia. They should take heed because this time, unlike the companies and those who ignored the Nazi party in 1936 Berlin, they will be tried and charged Nuremberg Trial style and receive the sentence they deserve. The owners of the social network group will hang.

  • Derek Williams

    This is just the beginning, and is coasting along quietly until the Sochi Olympics are finished. Once Russia has finished recriminalising homosexuality entirely, they will come after other disliked minorities.