LGBT activists disrupted Mizulina’s speech at Leipzig right-wing conference

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On November, 23 activists blocked the Leipzig Globano conference center entrance as a start of the protest staged in Germany against conference of the right wing magazine “Compact” with participation of homophobic Russian MP Elena Mizulina, main lobbyist of the gay propaganda to minors ban law, Alexey Kozlov reports.

In her twitter Mizulina wrote that she and her collegues had to “force their way through the aggressive crowd” to the conference center, while police did not hold the protesters back. As a result, Mizulina claims she got minor injuries and stressed that Russian LGBT people are more “cultured”, as PiterTV reports.

During her speech, which was muffled by the potesters inside and outside the building, Mizulina claimed she came to Europe to “defend democracy”, that it’s time to stop acting  indulgently to the sexual minorities and that an “ideologic war” against Russia is unleashed because of a “small insignificant law”, meaning the Russian gay propaganda to minors ban law.

Also Mizulina claimed that not a single LGBT activist in Russia have suffered from violence during public protests because police have always protected them. The statement was met with “It’s a lie!”  shouts from the audience, as it contradicts with media reports of violence and injuries journalist Elena Kostyuchenko have suffered from the homophobic attack back in 2011 at Moscow pride attempt, and many others alike.

UPDATE: Wanja  Kilber of the German-Russian LGBT group Quarteera ( on the video above says to the author of the Russian homophobic Law of propaganda: “Mizulina has blood of young gays and lesbians on her hands.” He had his hands stained red, holding a rainbow flag.

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