BREAKING NEWS: Two homophobes with a gun attacked Moscow gay club

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On the night of November, 16, two men attacked a well-known Moscow gay club “Central Station”. Intruders at first threatened the club visitors, and when the guards refused to let them into the club, fired a gun.

The attack on the club occurred at about 5:00 am. According to the club administration, the men came to the “Central station” for one purpose – to shoot the club visitors.

– Fortunately, nobody among guests and staff was injured by the gun fire. Two bullets damaged the  front door – told  the “Central Station staff to LifeNews.

Bullies were tracked on surveillance cameras. The video is in possession of LifeNews, to help police apprehend the hooligans.

The attack on the popular gay club  is not the first one. The club’s management has repeatedly appealed to the police, district council and the prefecture of the Central Administrative District requesting to stop provocations.

Administration of the club requires that the attacks were considered as “extremist acts of hate or hostility towards persons belonging to a particular social group.”

Besides brute force attacks there are other provocations by ill-wishers. For example, on October 21, 2013 at the entrance to the club  a huge banner “GAY CLUB ENTERANCE ” was placed. Later, a megaphone appeared near the club, broadcasting Boris Moiseyev’s song “Blue Moon” (Golubaya Luna) round the clock.

The “Central Station” administration believes that the real estate development company which owns the building where the club is located might be involved in the incidents, Lifenews reports.

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